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Various research objectives may need to be covered in market research. These objectives will drive or influence the methodology, sample design and questionnaires carried out. With many companies opting for online research, questionnaires must be designed from the customer perspective, making them easier to understand and navigate. Many online surveys are viewed as complicated, take too long to complete and are not user friendly. Different types of research are required by different companies.

Some of the additional types of market research offered and conducted by Market Instinct, include:

Customer Satisfaction

Companies carry out Customer Satisfaction research mainly to measure the loyalty of their customer base. Multiple credible marketing sources confirm that finding new customers is more expensive than keeping existing ones. This research can be conducted using many different methodologies, depending on the depth of information required.

A brief self-completion questionnaire on exit from a bank can measure branch performance over a period of time, whilst more detailed questioning on specific service elements can be asked telephonically, in person or via e-mail, depending on the specific objectives and the extent to which customers are likely to remember the service experience.

The service plan or objectives within organisations must guide questioning, as well as internal service level targets.

Nowadays, many companies conduct their own service evaluation internally, but even they should consult with a research company to ensure quality information is gathered. The sample, method of collection, questionnaire design and analysis can all impact the quality of the information.

Usage and Attitude Research / Brand Perception Research

Brand usage and attitude customers have towards the brands they use is of utmost importance to the marketing team.

When conducting usage and attitude surveys, both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies are used to achieve a clear understanding of why consumers use specific brands and what the main drivers of a category or brand may be.

At Market Instinct, we understand the importance of measuring consumer needs and how they perceive a brand or product, as this will ultimately determine customer behaviour at store-purchasing level.

This research is more strategic in nature and often requires several phases to get a complete picture of the market.

Brand U&A Research covers the Marketing Pyramid in detail:
Brand U and A Research covers the Marketing Pyramid - Other Marketing Research

Companies may have a myriad of research requirements, most of which Market Instinct can design a survey to cover.

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