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Product Testing

Measure product performance in isolation or against the competition, to improve your chances of success!

Product testing is the ideal way to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your products’ performance. This can be done versus the competition or any action standard identified before a test.

Whether you are testing a new or existing product, you have probably been conflicted on which testing method to choose. As in most research ventures, the optimal solution will vary depending on the number of products, type of products you are testing, the budget and the research objectives.

There are many approaches to product testing that could meet your specific requirements.

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Types of Product Testing

Competitor Analysis

Before launching a new product, it is extremely advantageous to conduct a survey of your competitor’s products to establish the extent to which they satisfy consumer needs and how they perform in the market. This information can guide the marketing of a new product and assist with packaging goals, pricing, etc.

A product that outperforms market leaders provides the manufacturer with many options and gives you some leverage in the marketplace – especially in South Africa where the retail environment is so competitive.

An adequate sample of category users must be included to provide reliable information for the decision-making process.

Evaluating Whether a New Product is Acceptable

This is the broadest category of product testing that takes place at any time within the product lifecycle. For most companies, the introduction phase of new products is critical in ensuring their success. Many factors can influence the development of new products, ranging from legislative laws to cultural nuances. Therefore, product testing market research is required to ensure that the manufacturer does not change a product to the point that it is sub-standard to the current product.

A survey comparing the current product with the new product is required to evaluate the performance of the new change/variant made to the product. It is important that clients set out action standards before commissioning a market research project of this nature. Action standards are the guidelines according to which the client will make the decision on whether to change to the proposed new variant. There are numerous ways to conduct product evaluations and an experienced research company can guide you through the process by asking the right questions and helping you make informed decisions.

Benefits of Product Testing

Product Testing replaces uncertainty with reassurance and the tools to make informed decisions.

  • Helps highlight your product strengths

  • Provides information for marketers to make decisions

  • Helps highlight product weaknesses or problem area

Frequently Asked Questions


What is product testing in market research?


Product testing is the process of evaluating a consumer’s response to a current or new product. The aim of these studies can be to compare your product to competitors or to test them against new variants / formulations.


Why is product testing important?


To assist marketing teams make informed decisions on new or reworked products / brands.


How do you test a product?


The process for testing a product depends on the type of product, the target audience and how the clients want to use the information.

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