The advantages of Product Evaluation / Testing your consumer goods

Testing a consumer product, prior to launch is essential and gives manufacturers the perfect opportunity to match the needs of consumers.

Here are some of the top advantages of Product Evaluation testing:

  1. Identify Flaws and Defects

During a product test, consumers experience your product and share their input on it. By learning about a taste concern e.g. too sweet or too sour, in new snack product for example, allows you to fine tune the product before full launch. Customers also may identify certain attributes or features of a product that they would like you to modify. Making the modification may contribute to better success when you release the final version to the market. Not to mention the saving in production costs to the manufacturer.

  1. Possibility of attracting Early Adopters

Early adopters, those customers who like to be the first to buy a new product, may become loyal to your business when you are the one to launch exciting new products. Getting these cutting-edge buyers on your side is especially beneficial in creating a domino effect through word-of-mouth advertising after a product launch. Even if those testers find flaws, they may feel loyal because they were invited to share their opinions.

  1. Avoid Major Errors

Product evaluation or testing can protect your business from major mistakes that ruin the brand. If you launch a product without testing, negative features could cause much greater harm to a brand than necessary.

  1. Gather Marketing Insights

Companies gather data through product tests that is used to reveal the features and benefits users like, as well as those they don’t like. This data is valuable when preparing promotional strategies. In advertising, the company wants to focus on communicating benefits that were most valued by the test subjects e.g. smooth texture, easy to spread etc .If a high percentage of trial users were inspired by certain benefits, it is likely that many consumers in the broader target market feel the same.

Take a look at the Top 8 products launched on the Shark Tank. No doubt these were well tested either as product concepts or proto-types before being launched.

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