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The last few years have brought about massive changes within the consumer relationship and general marketing sphere. At Marketing Instinct, it is imperative that we share these changes and developments with our clients. In order to maintain a good understanding of what consumers are expecting and how businesses should adapt, we have taken a look at what product marketing in 2021 will mean and what effective marketing looks like.

From matching consumer expectations to realignment within businesses to better meet their internal goals, the right market research offers perspective as an asset. Significant contributions in every phase of product development can be seen from proper research, and this is the standard we want to maintain moving forward in years to come.

Here Are The Trends We See In 2021

Product marketing is the epitome of a customer-centric marketing approach. With the upheaval that the market has seen, we find a reintroduction of certain principles is important to better embrace this relationship. Here are the most important marketing trends we have noticed:

  • Product led growth – the end-user experience drives product acquisition, expansion and retention.
  • User acquisition is affected by content marketing – your product needs to be marketed in an integrated manner that feels nuanced and humanised.
  • Interactive marketing that adheres to digital standards – visual marketing and specifically video marketing should be a significant consideration when developing your product marketing strategies.
  • Customer experience as a priority – the client is king in a saturated market, making sure you have the relationship that offers the best experience will set you apart.

Overall, we find that product marketing needs to focus on developing trust and loyalty from their customers by using a user-centred approach to create success.

Stay Ahead Of The Pack

You can ensure that your product marketing is on par (and exceeding) expectations that have become standard practice since the digital overhaul of product experience. Contact Market Instinct if you want to make sure that your business has the information it needs to move confidently forward in an ever-changing market. Call us on +27 (0) 11 792 1334 or use our online contact platform. We look forward to hearing from you.