Original Prediction for Market Share Case Study - Original prediction for market share was more than doubled

Original prediction for market share was more than doubled

Research Objective

An international client wished to evaluate whether there is a market in South Africa for their premium range of vitamin products.

Research Findings

Qualitative research found that in SA consumers experience:

  • An extreme level of confusion when buying vitamin products

  • A lack of understanding of daily vitamin requirement

  • A strong desire to supplement the daily diet, to enhance health

Therefore, although they want to take supplements, consumers do not know what to take or how much.

The quantitative follow-up interviews (400 personal interviews nationally) highlighted that:

  • Brand awareness of specific brands was limited to two or three stronger brands

  • There is an opportunity to launch a new brand and establish it as a contender

  • Consumers were unlikely to pay a premium price for the product range

Because of their lack of knowledge regarding vitamin products, consumers would not be able to justify the price difference between a superior quality product and other brands in-store.


The concept test research results showed that consumers really loved the idea of a comprehensive, quality range of products.

Based on this, the client decided to launch their premium product range through a number of self-contained stores inside the major shopping centres i.e. specialist vitamin stores. The client specifically avoided the usual route to market, to ensure that their brand could be clearly identified as different/superior. Staff were trained to give expert advice on the product range, further enhancing the brand experience.

The original launch was most successful and soon the pharmaceutical retailers began negotiations to introduce the range in their stores, with their own designated shelf space and gondola ends.

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