Market Insights Into Product Testing And How It All Works

Knowing what your clients want and what the market requires is an extremely important aspect of ensuring that your business and client marketing strategies are successful. In order to ensure that you have your finger on the pulse, Market Instinct provides you with an essential service that allows you to achieve true market insights into product testing and how your product performs in the eyes of the consumer.

Why Is Product Testing So Important?

Product testing allows you to focus your energies and resources in the right direction. Not only will you be able to identify the potential risks, opportunities, strengths, and weaknesses of your product, but you will also be able to compare it to your competition or versus an action standard. These market insights will provide you with the information you need to make important decisions in terms of further development and marketing, which could save you not only time but money in the long run.

How Does Product Testing Work?

Firstly, it is important to note that there are two main types of product testing, namely:

  • Competitor analysis

Investigating how your competitors captivate the market, how their products address the need at hand, how the product performs, and the extent to which they achieve consumer satisfaction can inform your decisions on packaging, pricing, and so on.

  • Product acceptance testing

The broadest form of product testing, this method actually ensures that products do not fall short of current standards and that these action standards are upheld throughout the process of development.

Trust Market Instinct To Guide You

Market Instinct has been researching the South African and international markets for over twenty years. With a deep and innate knowledge of what data can translate into actionable insights, we are confident that we will be able to assist you in performing accurate and useable product testing. If you are looking for reliable market insights that can be used effectively to reach your consumers and want a market research company that gives you a high level of personalised involvement, talk to our friendly and helpful team today. You can call us on +27 (0) 11 792 1334 or use our convenient contact form here.