Market Insights Are Set To Play A Crucial Role In 2021

With everything that has happened in the last two years, uncertainty and volatility may seem to be the new market standards. It is true that the pandemic and the subsequent disruption to all global markets have left many business sectors reeling. To a market research professional, however, this is the truest call to action there is. So what role will market research play in the remainder of 2021? How will it affect the approach to various and different sectors? What function will the market insights glean from our research play, and what are the benefits? At Market Instinct, we have compiled an outlook for the key roles that market research will perform this year.

The Big Picture

Market research will form critical insights in both the micro and the macro sphere. When looking at an overall approach and direction for these efforts, we see the following:

  • The long term outlook – understanding and evaluating previous recessions, pandemics, and other global disruptions to apply them to current market trends as well as the lookout for potential threats on the horizon
  • Finding fact over fiction – the vulnerability and nervousness of the economic climate reaffirms our dedication to using fact-based insight to motivate decisions
  • Explore and pivot towards new market niches – this is a time of discovery, and new markets or niches are emerging from new and adapted consumer behaviour
  • Getting even closer to the consumer – the relationships formed with the consumer during a time of abrupt change are vital, market research is more important than ever in this way

Find Your Footing With A Trusted Professional By Your Side

At Market Instinct, we pride ourselves on having an intuitive and in-depth understanding of what our clients will need from us, focusing on what the consumer market will demand from our clients. This relationship is one we passionately explore, support, and improve with every chance we get.

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