How To Get The Most Of Your Concept Testing

1 - How To Get The Most Of Your Concept Testing

When it comes to concept testing, Market Instinct has not only extensive knowledge of the actual exercise but of the value and operational effects that it can have. These insights are why we ensure clear and meaningful communication – it just works better when you know what to expect and how to best position your concept testing endeavours. With that in mind, we decided to share some of the best practices when conducting concept testing in order to help you get the most valuable and transformative results. Explore the principles below and set yourself up for success.

Use The Right (Read: The Best) Tools For The Job

Don’t make the mistake of relying on concept testing that is outdated or sluggish. Modern consumers expect a lot from their product providers, and you need to ensure that there is no room for discord or delay between the gathering of reliable information and meeting customer demand with an incorporating product. This means choosing market research that is efficient, insightful and has a finger on the pulse of consumer sentiment and demand.

Start Early – Start NOW

Before you devote too many resources to the development of an idea, you need to ensure that it is both feasible and well-positioned. Once you gain these insights, you need to move quickly, taking ideas from the boardroom to the accessible consumer market as efficiently as possible. This simply cannot be done without incorporating the consumer perspective – without which your product is far more likely to fail.

Set OUt Your Parameters Clearly

Your concept testing will be futile if you do not ensure that you provide clarity on the concept’s value proposition, defined customer segments that you want to target, and the pain points or goals you are trying to address. This helps add structure to the testing that can give you clear results on the potential success of a product.

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