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Home-Use Test

Establish how customers use your products in the comfort of their own homes.

Once all testing has been done, it is always best to conduct a home-use test to ensure that when consumers use the product at home, they are still satisfied with its overall performance.

These tests are usually conducted monadically, as this is the most common way in which consumers use products.

In some instances, the only way to test a product is by conducting Home-Use Tests, as this is the only way to truly test the performance of a product, for example, dishwashing liquids or other homecare items.

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Benefits of Home-Use Tests

Home Use tests provide insightful data as customers use your products at home in their own environment rather than in an artificial test environment.

  • The testing of products takes place in natural conditions (at home).

  • The opinion of the whole family can influence the perception of the product

  • In home testing, can be used to test sensitive categories like personal care products, kids’ products etc.

Benefits of Home Product Tests South Africa - Home-Use Test

Frequently Asked Questions


Are home use tests conducted while someone is in your house watching you?


No, in most cases products can easily be sent to a participant to use at home. Their feedback is gathered in a follow-up telephonic survey, online survey or even an in-person interview.


What is the main information that is being gathered by a home use test?


In home use test measure impression, appeal and intent to purchase.


What kind of products can be tested a home?


Typically, cleaning products, household goods, small electronic domestic products, pet food and products, beauty and cosmetic products may all be tested in the home over a longer or shorter period. However, almost all FMCG products can be tested in-home.

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