Easter Market Research And Product Testing: Recreating The Easter Egg For Adults And Non-Parents

In the month of Easter, with the famous Easter Egg Hunt now over, looking at the shelves of the supermarkets and other popular grocery stores, shoppers will still see shelves lined with boxes and boxes of easter eggs. One would think these boxes would have flown out of the grocery doors, with no egg left to crack, but not this year, and not in South Africa.

Considering the reasons for this, one could base it on financial troubles and lack of money, Covid-19, childhood obesity, environmental issues, and other plausible explanations. Whatever the reasons uncovered from the latest market researching efforts, the solutions to get those boxes off the shelves is simple: product testing and reimagining.

According to Mintel, and pretty much well-known among everyone, Easter eggs are purchased for children specifically. Whether parents or grandparents, Easter eggs are high on their purchase list during this time. However, what about adults who have a liking for chocolate but do not have children? What about those adults who do not celebrate Easter but enjoy an after-dinner chocolate treat? Looking at the lack of sales, a company could turn to product testing to help determine why consumers either selected competitors’ products, or whether they are looking for something different to fill their wants and needs?  Certain companies may need to start marketing towards a larger audience or create more healthy Easter egg options or redesign the box packaging to create eco-friendly options.

“Although children are the main recipients of Easter eggs, the treats are by no means restricted only to them.  Recipient age range also often cover parents of adult children, looking for a nostalgic way to share the holiday, reminding both parents and children of their younger years and their established holiday traditions,” states Mintel.

Reflecting on the sales and full shelves in local shops, one can see that product testing and reevaluation are necessary. How does one go about reimaging Easter eggs to target a larger market to better next year’s purchases?

To engage adults and make the Easter egg category a little more “adult-friendly”, it’s time to avoid the cartoon themes and bright colours that are often associated with children’s products. This is just one of many marketing strategies that could improve Easter egg sales in 2022.

While much can be said on how to go about product testing and Easter Egg reevaluation and its benefits, a case in point here is that if a popular item such as Easter eggs can hit a low sales point, so can any other product. This brings home the importance of product testing.

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