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Improve the odds of your product being tried and tested.

Concept tests are necessary when a new product idea has been generated. Many new ideas are generated within organisations or small companies and generally fail to reach their potential due to a lack of market research. New ideas can be generated by consumers too, but a more successful approach is to get consumer response to new ideas or concepts and input to further develop these ideas. The power of concept testing lies in the ability of manufacturers to test an “idea” as opposed to a physical product or prototype, before going to the expense of development/manufacturing. There are cases where a product is so unusual or out of the ordinary, that prototypes must be tested or developed as consumers find it difficult to imagine the product e.g. ice-cream with a blue cheese flavour or chocolate enrobed potato chips etc. Concept testing is done before a product is launched and gives manufacturers an idea of whether the product is likely to appeal to consumers. Once the concept tests have proven successful, then product prototypes can be developed for further testing.

A concept test typically covers the following questions:

  • The Uniqueness of the Product Idea

  • Suggestions for Improvement

  • Likes and Dislikes About the Product

  • Likelihood to Try (With or Without a Price Attached)

Benefits of Concept Testing

Concept Testing help you make better decisions for your business.

  • To develop the original idea further

  • To estimate the concept’s market potential

  • To determine the value of concept features and benefits

  • To identify the highest potential customer segments

  • To eliminate lower-potential concepts

  • To identify optimal messaging and inform marketing plans for launch

Frequently Asked Questions


What is concept testing?


Concept testing is validating your product concept with your target market prior to launch. There are various steps which you can follow to do this, but the main objective of concept testing is to trial a product, in order to see if it is worth continuing to further develop the idea.


How will concept testing help my product?


Concept testing is one tool that can help increase the odds of success. This approach to market research helps business leaders make smarter decisions about their product portfolios by gathering market feedback early on in the development process.


Why do I need concept testing for my new product?


Concept testing will inform you on all the things that are good and liked about the product and will inform you on the things that are disliked and need extra work. In addition, target groups that concept testing is done on give direct feedback on how product ideas can be made better and more suitable for the target audience.

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