Animal-Free Products Are Becoming The Staple For New Product Development

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At Market Instinct, we know how important it is to be aware of and proactive to trends and changes within the market. Consumer behaviour forms an integral part of the assessment of products, from concept testing to final development. Interestingly enough, the current climate features a shift from animal products (or by-products) to non-animal-based alternatives. These variants could include anything from meat substitution to the recreation of current recipes with non-animal derived ingredients.

Since we offer consumer research in this area, from looking at the uniqueness of the product to suggestions for improvement (including likes, dislikes, and the likelihood of making a purchase), we wanted to take a closer look at how big brands are making the change and how successful all products, regardless of company size or market share are in adopting this movement.

How Big Brands Contribute To The Shift Towards Animal-Free Alternatives

While it is worth noting that cruelty-free options and animal-free options speak to two different definitions and requirements, they do tend to fall within the same category of ethical business and environmentally conscience business behaviour. Both of these are becoming ever necessary for businesses to cursive in the current social environment. Consumers are now more aware than ever of the relationship between their product choices and the effects on the environment, though this is not the only reason why they may be shifting away from animal products.

For some, it is a continuation of being vegan or vegetarian; for others, it is more about their general health concerns. Animal protection and animal rights, and even an adapting evolution in taste preferences have become compelling motivators towards animal-free alternatives.

As larger brands take on the mantle and create more competition for improved quality and range in products from specifics such as mouthfeel to higher standards in terms of ethical sourcing, it is becoming nearly compulsory to consider the potential alternatives your business could offer.

Choose Market Instinct For Your Product Development Needs

If you are looking at developing a product that aligns with the shift away from animal-derived alternatives, and you would like to test their acceptability amongst consumers, you should consider Market Instinct for your concept testing. Get in touch with us by calling +27 (0) 11 792 1334 or using our convenient contact form here.