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About Us

Market Instinct specialises in market research for products and packaging in the South African market. We turn accurate and thorough data into actionable insights for the FMCG sector.

We have been operating in the FMCG field of market research since 1998, working with both South African and international clients. Our decades of experience have given us a deep knowledge of consumer needs, tastes and expectations to help your brand succeed.

The Directors are members of both SAMRA (South African Market Research Association) & ESOMAR (European Society for Opinion & Market Research).

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Our Values

  • Our mission is to use a focused and resourceful research approach to enable our clients to achieve their goals, reduce costs and minimise risk based on accurate data.

  • We utilise a focused and resourceful research approach to enable our clients to make effective and successful marketing decisions in a highly competitive market.

  • Market Instinct believes in a high level of personal involvement in our projects. Our team adopts a hands-on approach to all projects, with flexibility and a willingness to see it through to the end. We are accessible and responsive from the initial consult to project completion.

  • We keenly understand that brands are shaped by the people they serve. We take this intimate understanding and help brands grow, succeed and thrive.

  • The voice of the consumer is central to our work. We focus on understanding what consumers want and how they behave. We pursue real-world data for our clients.

  • We believe in providing a competitive cost structure that can adapt to the budget of our clients. We work to ensure fast turnaround times that have significant savings implications for brands.


Market Instinct is a dedicated market intelligence agency with specialists that can help you to minimise your risk and
reduce your costs when you bring innovative and competitive products to market.

Turning data into insight through people-centred marketing research

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